Research on Hunting Accidents
Katie Ferrell

    Before I researched this topic I felt that hunting was an unethical sport due to the danger that imposes on the person that is hunting but also on non participants and other animals such as cats, dogs and even horses. Upon researching the prevalence of hunting accidents and deaths each year during hunting season, I have come to the conclusion that hunting accidents are not as common as one would believe.  While many hunting accidents result in death or a very serious injury, the number of accidents are actually less than popular sports like football, baseball, and even golf.

    This article was written on Thursday October 7, 1999.  It discusses three deaths that occurred due to hunting accidents.  Oregon was very concerned about this large number of deaths because Oregon had not experienced any hunting deaths in the previous three years.
    This web site was very interesting, because it is a commercial web site for "blaze orange" vests for horses.  These vests for horses are similar to what hunters wear and they are used so that hunters can see the horses.  This web site was very much anti hunting.
    Another article addressing the deaths of two teens due to hunting accidents.  One young man shot himself and was found by his father.  The other young man fell out of his tree stand and died as well.  Both of these incidents occurred in Lake Crystal Minnesota.
    A story by "Andy's sick humor".  Words can't describe this web site, it is meant as a joke about how hunting accidents occur.  Basically it has to do with a man's wife ruining the chances of shooting a deer.
    Hunting accident statistics provided by the state of Texas.  The first web site, of many, that said that hunting accidents are less common than accidents in football, baseball, PING PONG, golf and bad minton.  The statistics look at factors involving the accidents such as hunter judgment, skill and aptitude, alcohol factor, and safety and law violations.
Hunter safety fact sheet.  Looks at the statistics involving hunting accidents also.  This web site stresses that the number of deaths resulting from hunting accidents declined 50% in the past two years.  It also said that hunting accidents declined 25% from 1987 to 1988.
    This site is probably one of the most recent.  This web site is the Colorado division of wildlife.  In this article it says that there were no fatal hunting accidents in 1999.  The wildlife officials believe this low number is due to volunteers teaching hunters how to be safety oriented.  This site includes a list of safety rules as well.
    An interesting web site that addresses issues of liability and negligence when allowing people to hunt on your property for a fee.  This article gives advice on ways to protect yourself if a hunter should happen to have an accident while hunting on your property.
    A web site that addresses the dangers of turkey hunting.  Turkey hunting is actually one of the most dangerous forms of hunting because the hunters wear camouflage and actually make turkey calls in order to kill the animal.  This can be confusing to hunters because they may think another hunter is a turkey and accidentally shoot.
    The infamous Bobby Knight story of the accidental shooting of his friend.  Knight accidentally shot his friend in October of 1999 while hunting. He was charged with failing to report an accident and hunting without a license for the previous two hunting seasons.