Ethical Polo

The use of animals in sport is just as controversial an issue as using them for their furs, their meat, or for the advancement of medicine.  Somehow their use in sport, however, goes less noticed than their manipulation in other domains though the consequences may prove to be just as dire.  Polo, though not the most popular of sports in the United States, is a favorite among those in other parts of the world including the UK, Australia, Argentina, and Brazil.  A greater understanding of ethical issues surrounding the breeding and treatment of horses in polo will foster a growing effort to uphold high standards of moral behavior regarding the sport.

Web Links:

Guards Polo Club
This is a link to the Guards Polo Club in the UK.  The site has in depth
information on the rules and regulations of the sport including the
punishment for various penalties. A short description of preferred breeds
is also given.

United States Polo Association
This is a good place to start to find background information on the sport.  You can link to dozens of different sites from here to find information on breeding, competition, and the latest safety standards.

Equine Recovery System
This site describes a new technique used to speed the recovery of ponies after competition, both for the safety of the pony and to the benefit of the players.

National Animal Interest Alliance
This organization promotes animal welfare as opposed to animal rights.  The difference between these is clearly defined in their site.  They attack the campaigns sponsored by animal rights extremists such as PETA and advocate the responsible ownership of animals as pets and for sports.

Coalition of Responsible Animal Owners of Texas, Inc
This nonprofit works to protect the rights of hobby breeders and ensure the ethical treatment of animals in captivity.

A great site for finding anything you'd like to know about polo, a firm statement is given here regarding intolerance for horse abuse and abusive polo players.