Kelly Jameson

Yoga is a form of meditative exercise stemming from Eastern tradition.  Its goal is to transcend the ordinary mind and merge with the higher Self.  Yoga has been found to have many health benefits such as stress management, muscle toning, relieving back pain, allergy symptoms, blood pressure problems, insomnia, and depression, just to name a few.  The practice of yoga has moved from being purely spiritual to incorporation in medical treatments, showing the important holism in the mind/body relationship.

A Personal Story ( This illustrates how yoga helped one follower get rid of chaos. It also includes descriptions of seven paths of yoga (bhati, jnana, karma, laya, raja, asthanga, and hatha).

Online Yoga Lessons( - A resource that includes breathing and stretching techniques as well as the health benefits of each exercise from feet to eye.

Essays on Spirituality in Life ( - This web site has insightful writings on the fundamentals of yoga and detachment.

Spirituality, Yoga, Hinduism Page ( - Online resource of yoga's purpose and philosophy based on the Hindu religion.  It also has common impediments for yoga followers to be aware of if not avoid altogether.

Wellness for Body and Soul ( - Information on types of yoga, scientific studies on the benefits of yoga, yoga's relation to religion, body/mind balance, as well as how to trigger spiritual insight, revelation, experience, and change are all available at this site.

Yoga Research and Education Center ( - There are over one hundred articles on yoga education, research, and health related issues for anyone interested in the eastern art of yoga.

Yoga Journal.Com( - This online journal includes a copy of the current journal issue, additional yoga and health articles, a directory of teachers, books, videos, and much more such as yoga linked topics related to osteoporosis, joints, multiple sclerosis, headaches, and cancer.

Yoga/Health Articles ( - Twelve articles ranging from yoga for preventing colds, asthma, and allergies, to yoga for athletes and active individuals are encompassed within this site. You must first click on the yoga heading.

Yoga Anand Ashram( - An online yoga resource with postures, extensive guides to the philosophy and sutras of yoga, the Moksha Journal, and essays on meditation.

Yogaaahhh( - This web site focuses on the Westerly popular hatha yoga, including resources, practices, and asanas (poses with accompanying picture).  There is even a mantra page with the Om symbol and meditative music to get you started right away