Yoga is an ancient system of integrating the body, mind, and spirit.  The practice has been around for over 5,000 years, but only recently became popular in the United States.  Today there are over 100 different types of yoga practiced.  Yoga means "to join" or "to yoke together."  The purpose within the Hindu tradition is to join the individual self (jiva) with the absolute pure consciousness (Brahma).  Although there is a very strong spiritual side to yoga, it is a much more physical activity within the U.S.  American classes emphasize flexibility, strengthening the body, and toning the muscles as well as alleviating tension and regaining mental balance.

 American Yoga Association (
This site is the base of a non-profit, educational organization which is dedicated to providing high quality yoga instruction.  Many good links to searching for classes, history, and types of yoga found within the U.S.

 AgeLess Yoga Center (
This site offers a place to shop, chat, search for a class near you, and learn new yoga positions.

 Denver School of Yoga (
This site shows some history for yoga.  It also provides a place for Denver residents to experience yoga in a much more spiritual aspect than typically found within the U.S.

 Adventure Planet (
Sign up for a vacation involving yoga and other forms of outdoor adventure.

 Sahaja Yoga (
Learn basic information about one of the more recent types of yoga practiced.

 The World of Holistic Healing (
Interesting site with tons of information on different forms of holistic healing.  Also contains a good link to yoga and how to learn more about it.

 Yoga Class (
Learn yoga through an internet class.