Organ Donation

           The chance to save the life of another human being is an opportunity few people are ever given. The act of donating one's organs does, in fact, offer such a unique opportunity, but the moral and ethical issues surrounding organ donation often plague those struggling to make a decision that is, quite literally, a matter of life and death. The links listed below serve to outline the issues revolving around organ donation, as well as to provide comprehensive information regarding the actual process of donation.

 Organ Donation This web site describes the process of becoming an organ or tissue donor, in addition to providing the answers to numerous questions revolving around the issue of donation.

 Donate Life This web site outlines the facts concerning organ donation, as well as detailed factual stories of successful organ transplants.

 Transplant Recipients International Organization The T.R.I.O., or the Transplant Recipients International Organization, offers comprehensive information on the process of organ donation with a specific emphasis on government regulations and interest in the donation process.

 National Institute of Transplantation This web site is the official web site of the National Institute of Transplantation in Los Angeles, California. Much information is offered on the "miracle of life."

 Ethics of Organ Donation This web site features an article written by Lawrence A. Howards, MD. In this article, Dr. Howards addresses many of the ethical concerns revolving around organ donation, as well as the actual medical protocol for declaring the clinical death of a potential donor.

 Transplant Awareness This web site relays the story of George and Claude Brady, two brothers who both received successful heart transplants. The site also offers a catalog of items in support of organ donation (T-shirts, etc.).

 COTA The Children's Organ Transplant Association web site explains the mission behind the organization, which is to endorse the donation of organs for sick children. The site also discusses patient campaigns and offers an official newsletter.

 GiveSpot This web site offers the actual opportunity for one to become an organ donor, in addition to providing information on the Coalition on Donation and various other official organizations.