Genetic Ethics
                                                                        Jamie Krivoski

        Genetic ethics is a relatively new topic in the field of philosophy.  It has widespread practical applications including, genetically engineered foods, in vitro fertilization, eugenics which is the perfectibility of human beings, gene therapy, genetic food labeling, legal issues with employer and insurance genetic screening, DNA evidence, and cloning.  This links page includes websites dealing with all of the above topics (pro and con) and some other related issues.  Also included are some sites on the lighter side of the debates... cartoons and kid sites.

        This site has sections on genetically engineered food, artificial organisms, patents on life, and biosafety protocol.

 Australian Gene Ethics Network
        This is one of the most comprehensive sites.  In addition to an extensive list of links, it offers information dealing with the labeling of genetically engineered foods, gene patents, eugenics (perfecting humans), human and animal rights, and legal issues.

 American Bioethical Advancement Committee
        This page takes the human genome and actually listts each chromosome with its function.  It deals with cloning, eugenics, in vitro fertilization, and gene therapy.

 The Cloning Fact Sheet
        A basic human genome project website, the fact sheet answers the questions "what" and "why" with regards to cloning and links to essays and other related topics such as genetics in the courtroom, patenting, and forensics.

 Human Cloning: Ethical Aspects
         This is a religious site that provides some science and many quotes from representatives of different denominations.

 Moral and Ethical Issues in Gene Therapy
        A very comprehensive site, this deals less with the science of it all and goes straight to the moral debates.

 The Roslin Institute
        The official home of "Dolly" the original (and famous) cloned sheep.

 The Case for Cloning Humans
        Although not as popular as the other side of the debate, this website adequately presents the positive side to the idea of cloning humans and offers responses to some of the common arguments against it.

 Safe Food Campaign 2000
        This is a website regarding genetically engineered food safety.  They say they are not an anti-genetic engineering site, but are simply concerned with the responsible application of genetic engineering.

On the Lighter Side . . .  Send in the Clones!

 Americans for the Cloning of Elvis (A.C.E.)
        Just as the title says... this site is dedicated to those who truly want to clone The King.  It invites visitors to sign a petition online.

 Tiki the Penguin - Guide to Genetic Engineering
        This is a site for kids hosted by Tiki the Penguin.  It deals mostly with the dangers of genetically engineered foods but does a good job explaining all the technical terms and simplifying the complex ideas.

 Cloning Around
        "Cartoons about clones, creatures, monsters and mutations, who have escaped from a genetic engineering lab and the slightly miffed scientists who created them."