Drug use in Sport
       Anne Waller

Drugs have been a part of international sport culture for thousands of years. Until recent years, the testing of substances has been difficult and loopholes in avoiding testing positive for drugs have been developed. Below is a list of the online resources which highlight some of the organizations which study drug use and develop testing systems for athletesin addition to websites discussing drugs and drug usage.
 NCAA Online (http://www.ncaa.org) The NCAA has a number of links to information regarding drug testing in American collegiate athletics, including which substances are banned, policies for testing, and the consequences for positive results.
 What is Drugs in Sport?  (http://www.sportrec.qld.gov.au/infopaper/durgsinf.html) Informative site listing types of drugs, examples of drug testing techniques, and brief history of drugs in sport. Run by Australian Academy of Science.
 World Anti-Doping Ageny Homepage (http://wada-ama.org/asiakas/003/wada_english.nsf/) Homepage of WADA. Mission of organization is to promote and coordinate, at the international level, the fight against blood doping in all its forms.
 Sydney 2000: Are the EPO Games Up? (http://www.abc.net.au/rn/talks/bbing/stories/s114968.htm)
Led by Chris Bullock, this discussion on an ABC radio talk show talked about the testing of EPO (erythropoetin) in the Sydney Games. Guests included athletes, sports historians, doctors, and Olympic Sports Officials.
Drug Testing: The Facts  (http://www.ausport.gov.au/drug.html) From the Australian Sport Commision briefly describing what happens during a drug test and the consequences of postive testing in Olympic competition.
 Olympic Challenge: Transcript Another link which describes a conversation between commentator and former UK coach Frank Dick about eliminating athletes from competition in Sydney since they tested positive for drugs.
 Who will win the drugs race? Describes three of the most common drugs--anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, and EPO--and their health risks. Also has a comprehensive list of other substances and how these drugs are tested.
 Latest Blood Doping Articles (http://www.endureplus.com/doping.cfm) This page was provided by EndurePlus.com to increase awareness about the growing concerns for drugs in sport, especially blood doping. Has links headlines about athletes using and testing positive for drugs, updates on current drugs and health effects, and other drug-related articles.