Breeding is the propagation of animals sexually and usually under controlled conditions.  Although this is a very common practice a debate still exists in this area because some people believe that, "breeding an animal for a purpose gives the breeders (transferable) rights over what they  have bred" (Morgan & Meiers, 1988).  Also that what the breeder has bred is indeed their property and that they may keep or sell the offspring.  An example of breeding for the wrong reasons would be for money which is the goal of many breeders.  Other breeders do this for the love of the breed of animal whether be dogs, cats, fish, bird, or plants, and to ensure their survival.

 Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (
         This is a group that goal is to help threatened animal and plant populations through scientifically breeding and preserving
 the species.

 Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999 (
        The laws to protect breed dogs.

Breeding Your Dog (
        This web page focuses specifically on breeding dogs.  It discusses whether your dog is a good one to breed, the reasons for             choosing to breed, what you need to know about breeding dogs, problems that may arouse from breeding, the rules you need to follow, an caring for your new additions.

 New Puppies on the Way! (
        This provides helpful hints when breeding dogs such as what breeds will need help during birth, when is a good time to breed, how often you can breed, how long the birth process might take, and information on assessing the health of the new puppies.

Dog-Play: Thoughts on Responsible Breeding (
        This page is similar to the one mentioned before.  It also provides you with information on responsibly breeding dogs.  Unlike the other web page this also gives suggestions of where to get a dog and what to consider when picking them out to breed.

 Breeding Article by Dr. Bell (
        This article suggests that by breeding an animal too many times will reduce the genetic diversity of he breed, which he is against. He also provides a detailed description of different ways to breed, whether it be out breeding, line breeding, or inbreeding.  Along with these descriptions he provides the health risks and advantages to each form.

 No captive wolves! (
        This sight is against people stealing baby wolves away from their mothers to teach them to bond with humans and then breed them.  It is bad for their health and the breed.

 Cat House (EFBC/FCC) Home Page (
        "We are dedicated to the protection and preservation of the world's endangered felines."  This page provides you with links to all different types of cats domestic and wild.

 Breeding Glossary (
            This web page gives definitions and explanations of the different terms used when breeding, since the vocabulary varies with what type of animal or plant you are breeding.

 Homeless Animals Facts & Figures (
        This page gives reasons why breeding animals is wrong. The main reason is because there is a huge over population of dogs and cats, specifically, in the world right now and shelters are forced to put many asleep.