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    Androstenedione is a steriod.  Andro requires a chemical enzyme in the liver to convert it to testosterone.  Andro has been proven to increases levels of testosterone in the body.  Optimal testosterone levels give the body healthy red blood cells, a vital sex drive, rapid protein production, and a balanced immune system.  It can also cause increased energy, heighted sexual arousal, and give a greater sense of overall well-being.  Most importantly for body builders is it enhances recovery and repair after exercise, and increases lean muscle mass.  Andro was first seen in capsule form in the U.S. in the 1990's.  This drug has been reported to carry dangerous side effects like increased risk of heart disease, pancreatic cancer, and unwanted breast enlargement in both men and women.  It can stunt growth in adolescents, and shut down the production of testosterone in the body if taken in excess.  The NFL, Olympic Games, NCAA and in both men's and women's tennis have banned Andro because of the dangerous side effects and that it gives the athlete an unfair advantage.  But the NBA, MLB, and NHL in the US have not ruled this supplement as unfair.

Chemical Warfare: The Truth About Anabolic Steroids
    This site shows you all kinds of articles about anabolic steriods including Andro.  The articles about Andro are mostly negitive.

 Mark McGuire Swears Off Andro
    It tells us that Mark McGuire stopped taking this drug for certain reasons.  Mark did not like being portrayed as an endorser of the product Andro because it showed adolescent children, who looked up to him, that it was ok to take this drug.  This could cause serious health risk problems for the children.

    The internet's sports nutrition leader.  You can buy all kinds of supplements, herbs, energy bars, videos, etc.  Also gives information about everything they sell.  Can buy Andro for $21.45 a bottle.

    Gives all kinds of reviews from people who have taken the drug Andro and have liked it and disliked it.  It also has a Question/Answer section with all kinds of important questions about the use of Andro.  You can also summit a consumer review or ask a question about any drug.

    Basic information about what Andro is? where it comes from? and what it does?

  Steroid World
    You can join steriod world and get all kinds of positive information about any kind of steriod.  Reports have shown that a 100 milligram capsule can increase testosterone levels up to 400 percent within 45 minutes.

 The Andro Debate
    Explains what Andro is and some of the health risks involved.  It shows how it works in the body.  It also claims to increase lean muscle mass 300 percent.  It gives results of a survey they used by asking questions like should Androstenedione be legal for professional athletes?  Do you think Andro gives athletes an advantage over those who do not use it?  Do you take any testosterone boosting products?  It also gives a list of all types of sources it used which you can go to on the web.

 Andro Might Lead to Cancer
    Shows medically how Andro supplements can lead to high risks of cancer.

 Power Supplements
    A study from Iowa State University shows that in using Andro, results showed no increase in muscle mass, increase in the risk of heart disease, increase in the risk of pancreatic cancer, and an increase in unwanted breast enlargement.  Few more informative questions about Andro.